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At Danhauer's we strive to bring you the best quality annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs that you can find in the tri-state.  Most plants in our greenhouses and nursery are grown from seed, cutting, or liner in house.  This insures us that the final product is something that we are proud to put our name behind when it leaves our store.  Whether it is planted by you or by us.

Spring Annuals and Perennials

The Greenhouses are starting to fill up with Spring and Summer Annuals.  It is almost time for those Spring Pansies, as well as Spring Cole Crops for the Garden.

Shrubs and Trees

There has been major changes in the landscape plant industry in the last several years.  And we at Danhauer's have stayed on top of the latest colors and hybrids of shrubs and trees.  Scroll through the listings to the right to see lots of the cultivars we have to offer.

To see more of the varieties of plants we have to offer, click the links below to see varieties and growth habits of the plants shown above.

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